Leverage institutional knowledge and find out more to unearth all the groundbreaking and relevant market insights.


Use the insights to develop differentiated, credible and ownable marketing, innovation, brand, communication and internal engagement strategies.


Collaborate with the right partners to bring the strategies to life for maximum impact.

We collaborate with clients to formulate marketing strategies that are differentiated, credible, actionable and impactful.

They are based on robust logic and creative magic.

Because we are independent in terms of how we work and independent in our thinking, we are media agnostic in our solutions. Our business model allows us to offer the most unbiased strategic solutions with no specific execution agenda or end in mind.

Our strategies are never ‘cut and paste’. Each project is approached on its own merit as informed by the industry, its challenges and opportunities.

Our Strategic Tools


Portfolio Planning

Brand Architecture


Communication Strategy

A strategy not anchored in a solid insight foundation is nothing more than a self-indulgent intellectual exercise.
All of our projects kick off by establishing ‘what we know’ and ‘what we don’t know.’
The deep insights from our knowledge base research are not insight but rather a tool to uncover the insights.

Our Insight Tools

Insighter Trading

Insighter Trading is our way of leveraging information in company documentation and in peoples' heads as well as what we have as an agency, to gather critical insights before or without embarking on primary research.

Collaborative Exploration

Our approach to qualitative insight is a simple yet powerful approach where we use 21st century thinking skills to generate insights and uncover growth opportunities, going beyond the limitations of traditional focus groups.

Straight Connection

The ethnographic experience that gets us up-close and personal with your target market, thus allowing us to close this critical gap between marketers and consumers.


Semiotics is the science of understanding signs and symbols embedded in brands and culture. It is helps us understand the changes, trends and emerging themes in our world.

People connect and engage directly with the manifestation of a strategy.

We therefore, at the very least collaborate with clients and their partners to ensure that the strategy is executed as intended. If required, we will coordinate the execution of the strategy.

Our impact offering is concerned with aligning business and marketing efforts to an agreed brand strategy; ensuring meaningful collaboration for growth.

Our Impact Tools

Action Planning

Actions speak louder than words. This is where we bring strategy to life; ensuring that cross-functional teams, and agency partners understand strategic implications for their respective areas of responsibility. A collaborative and immersive process, facilitating critical thinking, and making sure that all internal and external partners are aligned to strategy.

Innovation Collaboration

Insight-inspired and strategy-led innovation and idea generation across all touch points. A collaborative customer-centric creative process that generate ideas that connect consumers to brands - ultimately bridging the gap between strategy and the consumer's world.

Facilitated Brand Planning

Assuming an external brand guardianship role by aligning day-to-day brand management and the marketing mix to brand strategy. Thereby ensuring that every single part of the brand plan works together and in unison to achieve brand objectives.

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